Orgtool Documentation


The Orgtool is a tool developed by the Oddysee community to manage and organize its Members, Units and Game Items.


The Application

The components for the application are organized in tabs. Available tabs for members and visitors are Overview and Members. Administrators will have more component available.

  1. Overview
  2. Members
  3. LFG [Admin]
  4. Settings [Admin]
    1. Items
    2. Rewards
  5. Log [Admin]


The Overview is the entry point and the component to view units. Member assignments can be done by Administrators by drag & drop. It is separated into 3 areas.

  1. Unit Tree
  2. Org Chart
  3. Member / Item List

1. Unit Tree

The Unit Tree shows the current selected Unit and allows the user to create new as well as edit Units. Child units can be be collapsed by clicking on the unit header. Also collapsable are the positions.

Collabsed child units

By clicking on the unit name, child units view will be toggled.



Extended member positions

By clicking on the position, the member list can be toggled.



2. Org Chart

The Org Chart shows the current selected unit. By clicking on a unit on the chart, the selected unit will be displayed in the unit tree.  Member with the Administrator role are also able to drop dragged members from the member list or unit tree. Doing so, will assign the member to the unit.

The back button navigates to the root unit which is usually the organization.

3. Item / Member List

The item list accumulates all items of all members in the selected unit and its child units.

Administrators can also toggle the view to show the member list. Is the member list view selected, Members can be dragged and dropped from in, on a unit in the chart or the unit tree.


A list of all members. The view is separated into 2 areas. Left are filters for user name, handle and game. Right is the result list of members matching the specified filters.

1. Filter

Member can be found by name and handle. The game filter show all members assigned to a unit of a game.

2. Member List

This list shows all the matching members set by the filter. Selecting one member on the list will open the ‘Member Details’ dialog.

Member Details

By clicking on a member in the result list, the member details dialog will be opened. The member details include general information about the member. Furthermore information about member rewards and member items will be displayed.

Logged in members and Administrators can edit this information and change it.


  1. Avatar
    The currently used avatar image
  2. Name and Timezone
    The name and timezone of the Member can be changed here.
  3. Roles and other rewards
    The Rank which was assigned to member as rewards of type ‘Rank’.
  4. Schedule
    Available time
  5. Service
    A list of services and member names on that services.


This page shows all the reward a user received. Because position are also rewards, they will be displayed here too.

Administrators and logging in member can apply for units here.

Member positions

Click on the drop-down element to select a unit.

Select unit

Type the unit name in the search box or find the target unit and click it.

Apply for unit

Click the ‘sign-in’ button right of the selection box to apply for the unit. If you are logged in you also are able to leave a unit by clicking on the ‘sign-out’ button next to its name.


A list member items.

Handling items

  1. The Item toolbar has options for edit and delete. By click the edit gear icon the item edit dialog will be open. Deleting will need a confirmation.
  2. Thee ‘+ Item’ button will append an item to the member and open a dialog for editing.

Item edit dialog

  • Type
    The item type
  • Item Parent
    The item parent
  • Item Name
    A custom name
  • Image
    A custom name
  • Hidden
    Hide item from public view
  • Available
    Share this item with your units



Delete Item

You have to confirm to delete an item.


The ‘Looking For Game’ component is in development.


The Settings of the Orgtool are only visible for administrators. This component provides the management tools  for items, item types and rewards.


Items can be created here in the same way showed before by clicking on the ‘+ Item’ button in the top right corner.

Item types

Item type

New item types can be created by clicking on the ‘+’ button and current selected by on the gear button in the item type filter.

Item type dialog

  • Type Name
    The name of the type
  • Display Name
    The name of the type that will be displayed
  • Description
    Field for more information
  • Image
    The URL of the image


This component is used to manage reward types, rewards and reward assigments.

Reward Types

New reward types can be created by clicking on the ‘+ Reward Type’ button.


New rewards can be created by clicking on the ‘+ Reward’ button.

Reward Dialog



Current session log.