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September 1, 2018

Oddysee PMC Report 11-5-2948

Collective Division Report Intel- SOD- LID



Oddysee PMC Report 11-16-2948

This is the first collective division report for Oddysee,  to keep those up to date with the status of our organization. I can’t speak properly for all divisions, but the information as a whole will give us a better idea of how it affects our members in the day to day role playing within Star Citizen.

The largest areas of growth within the game are in the areas of military hardware and resource collection and trade, so the SOD and LID divisions have the most content for gameplay. Intel, for the most part, is barren of any real exploration, there will probably not be any real progress until the other systems start to be put in place.

I have ( after a time handling bug issues with my character), have made it into the PTU 3.3 and I am blown away by the quality of the game at this stage of the alpha. They have patched it several times during the run, and it seems they are tackling the bugs with greater speed than ever before. The game runs smoothly, very little lag and the framerates are impressive. Check out the telemetry that they have introduced to give the backers more information, I have provided the link below.


There are missions which is more directed gameplay, and of course trade and mining. Trade itself in the regular build  and in the PTU is more of a riskier venture, there are AI in place now that can take out a ship if you’re not careful. And the reward is a little harder to come by.

I am working on some of the missions, including one at the abandoned Security Post Kareah, which involves dealing with a larger number of AI, and it adds more of a glimpse of what’s to come.

I also took a test drive in the Aegis Hammerhead, courtesy of Foxxy, a long serving Oddysee member, and was thoroughly impressed with the badass feel and look of the ship. Two videos were posted on our Oddysee YouTube, and some of the screen shots are included in this article.

So now I get to my main subject. The game is playable to some degree, and certainly playable enough for both officers and members to get involved. The progression of the tech is increasing now with each patch, and the progression of other organizations in the Verse have surpassed our own. Trading is possible, the economy is dynamic enough to put in play both Intel on prices and buyers, and AI will attack shipments without escorts, so it offers up an opportunity to train our pilots.

Build a small economy with each patch. Miners can build a nest egg, use the nest egg to transfer money via beacons to our traders. Use our traders to build the nest egg into real UEC flow while running escorts to protect them. The funds can be used now to purchase more ships and more guns, again via beacons.

Then the servers reset and we restart the process.

Some may not see the reason or endgame to this, but we can hone our skills, both on the logistical and military sides, and we can build our teams.

When we get our teams established, we can look for leaders and officers amongst those leaders. But it won’t come easy, to earn a place Oddysee expects the commitment and work to be there.

As an additional point, I wanted to stress the fact that Oddysee will have allies in the Verse, so as we build our numbers, we can also build our friends.

Leaders for several orgs have also come together in an alliance totalling 3000 members aptly named Strategic Alliance of Independents  (SAI). Oddysee PMC still retains its autonomy,  but in times of need we will band together as brothers to help SAI members defend themselves from attack. We provide each other defensive support against aggression but not if a member starts a conflict with another org. There has been a constitution created and it is in its draft stage, to clarify points and allow it to work effectively.

This also allows us some freedom to have some fun with other groups and test tactics and large scale operations before putting them to a test against opponents in the verse.

But for all of this to happen, we need to get back in our ships, the PMC we all signed up for needs to start flying, fighting and playing again. The game we all signed up for is getting closer to what we’ve all dreamed it would be.

As they say, “We’ll see you in the Verse”


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