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July 10, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Oddysee Arma III


Oddysee Arma III Update

At the Community council meeting on the weekend, one of the topics up for discussion was Arma III and whether there was interest in the community to again run a server. There are some scenarios like the DRO missions I mentioned in a previous post, that a couple of us use heavily.Some members prefer a more PVP style of play on the public servers, and there was also discussions of trying to run a server that provided both.

In order to run a server, and to have PVP gameplay worthwhile, many felt that we should go onto a public server as a group, Arma Oddysee, and find recruits to join us or other like minded individuals to join us on our server (after vetting, of course). Numbers do matter in this regard.

Demonseed Elite is graciously setting up the server using the Alive mod, so we can begin the process, and we will see how well the community gets involved. We have formed a small team to guide the project through its infancy, and gain some feedback on what Oddysee members feel would be good conditions for its growth.

Ravenlance drew up an agenda/questionnaire for one meeting held on the topic, which I have pasted in its entirety:


Oddysee Arma Discussion

Weekly Events

  • What concepts would we like to propose into weekly events?
  • Looking Forward into larger participation events, what would be the best methodologies to manage such events and what would we do to make them unique and attractive?
  • PvP, PvE, or PvPvE: Based on our desires of moving forward, what would be our most major focus in weekly events (given we can still deviate for instances of PvP tournaments or such)
  • What would be a way of securing the success of a weekly event if, for any reason, the scenario or commander of that scenario happens to become quickly unavailable.

Arma Off-Event Server and Games

  • Given the server configuration at present, Is there a reason to move it forward to another design choice or retain its current configuration with required adjustment as desired?
  • For members looking for some random team play off-event, how would we cater to not only the finding of members but also allocating tools to assist player to player interaction during these times?
  • Would we benefit from introducing challenges to our community off-event schedule?


General Features

  • Would it be feasible to provide general statistics (kills, deaths, weapon statistics, etc) about arma gameplay and (if so) what methodologies would be applied to provide this.

Command Structure (In Game)

  • How fluid and flexible would we want the command structure to be within game? How would we manage this command structure?
  • How do developers intermix within the command structure in game during specific events?


Command/Developer Structure (Out-of-Game)

  • What requirements do we need from command out of game to provide to individuals?
  • How do we keep in-oddysee (if you vouch to make your content an oddysee supported thing) organized as to allow for other team developers easy access for assisting in production?
  • Do the Command and Developer Structures mix?


If you have any questions, or a suggestion, or would like to volunteer to help out in some way, please see any of the following members:

Ravenlance, Vob, Varrus Vakarian or cainsrebel

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