Welcome to Oddysee!


This page is the starting place for all our Oddyseeans. Dozens. No, hundreds. No tens of hundreds! Ok, so maybe not tens of hundreds of people have sat where you are right now and read these very words. We’ll give you time to soak up the majesty.

That’s enough, save some majesty for others please. Now, this is the place that all of our members may come to for information on what Oddysee is and how it functions. It is our hope that this section will provide our community with the best outline on how the structure of the community is setup, how it works and how you can interact with it to make the most of your time here with us.

Oddysee was originally created as a ‘rebirth’ to the founder’s past clans in a attempt to bring the individual communities together, with roots in World of Warcraft and the Call of Duty Clan scene. Then with the addition of the core of the group originating in the most recent history in Star Citizen, also headed by the founder “Cykhat”, under the alias Alasmon Necrithious, in 2012.

Fast forward to now and the scope of Oddysee being a multi-gaming community has been realized. You, gamer, are an extension of that realization. We too, also realize. We realize that you might not care about all these words and sentences and things and simply want to play some games! Fair enough, but please indulge us by continuing on a little more to further understand how the Oddysee community is structured and how it functions within that framework.


In most gaming communities there is a simply defined structure. We have two scopes of leadership roles in our community, those that are focused mainly on in game interactions and those focused mainly on non-game interactions. There is overlap between these two functions so that the members of the community can get the best enjoyment out of their time here with us either in or out of game. Our structure is built up, not as a ladder to climb, but to make sure the right people are placed into the right roles that best suits both them and the rest of the community at large.



Administration is the highest level of the community structure. This is where the direction of the community as a whole gets its leadership from and the ultimate decisions of any escalated issues with in the community get resolved.  The Administration position listens to and oversees the senior leadership positions of the officers that help govern the day to day operations of the entire Oddysee community either in game, or out of game. The administrators of Oddysee maintain an open door policy for every single member, no matter what position they hold, who has questions or concerns that might not have been clearly understood by other people in leadership positions.



Officers are a pretty normal concept in the scope of a gaming community, they are the people that lead and moderate gaming participants, what makes Oddysee unique in this area is that we’re a multi-game community, an Officer in your game may or may not be an Officer in another game that you participate in within the Oddysee community. No matter which game you are playing with us, there will be one or more Officers you can go to for questions or help within the scope of that game. They do for the games what the Community Managers do for social media.


Community Managers:

Community managers are familiar concept if you’re more social media oriented. The Community Mangers are there to help maintain an enjoyable experience for our community members who are currently not in-game, but are enjoying simply being a part of the larger community, either via text chat, voice chat or through the use of sections of our website. If you are not in game and have an questions or an issue with a member of the community, these are the people that you may go to for guidance and resolution. They do for social media what the Officers do for games.



These are the most important participants of our community. Without the members, there would be no community and no need for anything else discussed above or below this section. You are what makes Oddysee great, our leadership roles are comprised of fellow members that have been nominated to hold the positions they are currently in. We’re all in this together! There is no “I” in “us” but there in a “U” in “diversity”. No, I mean “unity”, there is a “U” in “unity”. Without that unity this great community wouldn’t be what it is and we want everyone, in any facet of it to know that they, that YOU, are valued and you do matter to us.



A diplomat is a person from another gaming group that has been accepted and invited to promote cross community cooperation, usually for a specific game where mutual teamwork would be advantageous. We currently allow two individuals per group to participate within the Oddysee community, also usually high ranking persons from that group, and two from our own selected to act as diplomats to represent us in their group, who wish to align with us to partake in a larger operation or cooperative coalition.



Guests are persons, including fellow gamers we meet in-game or our real life friends, who have been invited to participate in the Oddysee community. This is a more informal acceptance into the community to give the person invited and Oddysee an opportunity to see if we are what the person is looking for in a gaming community and it allows Oddysee to determine if that person will feel comfortable with the practices and goals of the greater Oddysee community. If they are from a different community and simply want to game with us while following the community guidelines, they are welcome to remain guests.



This is the default status of every new person that joins into our discord server. This group has no voice or text rights on the server by default and cannot interact with anyone outside of private messaging. This is to prevent someone we do not know joining and trolling the server with their antics. If you log in and find that you do not have rights, please contact an available Officer or Community Manager and that person can verify who you are and assign you guest or member rights.


Putting it all together:

It means that if you need help in a game, go to an officer in that game. If that officer isn’t being receptive or is the problem, go to his superior in the game to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, go to the Administration level for resolution of the situation. What Administration decides is final. If you need help in a non-game setting, bring it to the attention of a Community Manager, if the Community Manager isn’t being receptive or is the problem, bring it to a Senior Community Manager to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, go to the Administration level for resolution of the situation. What Administration decides is final.

If you however are unsure of who to ask, get in touch with anyone above a member and they’ll do their best to redirect / find out for you!


Our minimum age to be accepted into the Organization is 16 years of age.

Oddysee is an opened minded Organization that is built around its members  whom share a bond of video games. Our community should cater to its members needs by providing a safe and stress free environment in which those members can communicate and express themselves freely without fear of retaliation or harassment. This document will be an overview for the community to maintain this environment and promote proper behavior.


//No Tolerance Subjects// – These subjects should be stopped immediately


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any race or ethnicity are strictly prohibited.


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any gender or put a gender under scrutiny are strictly prohibited.

Sexual Orientation:

Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any sexual orientation are strictly prohibited.


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any religion or beliefs are strictly prohibited.

Verbal Abuse:

Any offensive language directed towards individuals or a group.

Explicit Sexual Acts:

Any communication regarding explicit sexual acts or gender/sex specific body parts. Innuendo is one thing, an adult novel is something quite different.


//Subjects to Avoid – Not appropriate for general chat//

Politics – Evolution – News (Sensationalised) – Member disagreements

While our members can discuss these issues they should be discussed in private messages or the provided discussion room/forum. These topics often alienate members, thus preventing them from contributing to the conversation, leaving them silent and unable to participate in general conversation. However, our aim is not to stop free thinking, promote extreme censorship, or halt the evolution of ones point of view. As such, we provide the proper areas where these discussions are able to take place. All members who wish to discuss these topics should use the discussions channel/forum.


//Reporting issues//

If you have any issues, contact the community managers directly via a private message. If it’s within a game, the same for an officer. DO NOT post it in the general channel. Keep it respectful of each other, not everyone wants the drama.



Recruitment into the Oddysee community is currently age limited to 16 years old or older. No begging for things in game or out of game. If a member generously decides to give you a gift, keep that between you and that member, nobody else needs to know. No recruiting for other communities while visiting with us. If you’re not playing a game and enter a game voice channel, be respectful of the people in there, even if it’s only you and another person. If you start up a conversation in there with someone and multiple people are in the voice channel, ask if they would prefer you move into the lubby or into a different channel. Always be respectful of each other.


Private Messages



Starting at the top left, there is an icon that looks like a group of people. This is the private messages section of the interface. You can go here and click the + symbol to bring up a list of everyone you are able to message on Discord. This is also where you’ll go to check new private messages you receive. When someone sends you a new message or replies to an old one, you’ll see their picture pop up below this icon with how many replies that person has sent you. You may click on the icon of the person to go directly to that conversation.

discordicon Introduction:

So what exactly is discord? I’ll quote their site, discord is an “All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.” (no download required)

Now, let me quote me. Discord is like a glorious combination of social media, it has a rich feature list, clear voip, pleasing layout, easy to use interface and all around good style. We’ve all used teamspeak, mumble, ventrilo, razer and on and on.

While we’ve all had lots of fun on these systems, discord takes what these have done and is taking it a step further. Don’t like voice chat? No problem, want to see what people are talking about in a different channel? No problem, you can see any channel at any time and the server remembers the history. It offers private messaging. It supports a large set of emojis. It shows you what members are playing what games to help you group up with people that like what you like. It will offer an in-game overlay in the future.

Discord is currently still in alpha, works extremely well and new features are being added all the time. The developer(s) are very aware of features the community wants and we’re excited to be able to offer this experience to our members on PC, Mac, Linux (coming soon), Apple IOS and Android or simply use the browser version if you don’t wish to download it. It can be found here https://discordapp.com

The Interface:


So here we’ll go over the basics of discord, what means what and how to get around in the application. I’ll start at the top left and go top to bottom, then left to right until everything is covered. The layout is fairly intuitive and only a few basic things are necessary to get started.


Server List



Directly below the private messages icon is the server list, here you can see every server that you are currently participating on. The Oddysee community members simply use one server for all of their interactions. If you have used discord before or have joined a separate discord server, it will appear in this list. Simply click on the icon that represents the server you wish to speak in and it will load the channels and members of that particular server.

Text and Voice



To the right of the server list are all the text and voice channels on the server. You can tell the difference between a voice or text channel by the hashtag symbol. Our default text channel is #general. Below all the text channels are our voice channels, with our default voice channel being Lubby 3.1, simply click on a text channel to read what is being discussed in it, or click on a voice channel if you want to enter it.



Below the text and voice channels are your options. If you are in a voice channel, you will see a phone icon with an X below it. Click this icon to disconnect to voice. If you aren’t in a voice channel, you’ll only see, from left to right, the mute mic, mute headphone and mic, or options cog. These are fairly self explanatory, you can mute your mic only, or headphones and mic here, or go into the options window which will be featured in the next section.

Chat Window


Front and center you’ll see the main chat area. This is where the bulk of discord related things happen. In this section you can simply type, or paste links from music, video’s, web pages or images and it will load them in the chat. Note that only media smaller than 5mb will be preloaded into the chat. The server keeps a history of the chat that takes place so you can always scroll up or down to see what has been going on since you last logged in.

Member List


On the far right of the application, are the members currently logged into the server. You can see who is on, what community role they are apart of and if they are active or inactive. An active member will have a small green circle on their image, an inactive member will have a small amber circle on their image. From here you can click on a member to mute their voice or send them a private message. Currently there is no way to block a member from text in discord, the discord community certainly wants this feature and the developers of discord are aware of this and are working on those features (among others). Contact a community manager if you need assistance in discord.



You can mention a person by name, it will give them a notification on their application if they have notifications enabled, to mention someone simply type @ followed by that persons name. If you find that you have the ability to use @everyone in any given room, do not use it, this is prohibited from everyone except the community Administration level, you will get in trouble if you do so.




Clicking the cog, or gear icon at the bottom of the screen (to the left of the chat area) will take you into your settings, from here there are a few areas I will take the time to point out. I won’t cover all of the settings, you can do so from the discord website, but I will cover some of the settings that might make your stay here more enjoyable. In the main account section you can choose your name, password or change your profile picture, pretty standard stuff. Below we’ll cover some of the more nuanced things about discord.



This is where you setup your headphones and mic at. If you’re mic doesn’t have any noise cancellation, please consider using push to talk for the input mode. Input sensitivity is how much noise (background or otherwise) has to be generated to trigger the mic. Try to move it up above the level of the television volume in the background.

The advanced tab is one of my personal favorites. There is a setting in here called attenuation. This automatically lowers other sounds on your pc when someone else keys their mic so you can hear them. I turn this off because I find it annoying and it makes it difficult to setup sounds on your pc if they are constantly changing levels.



Personally I only get notifications for @mentions and I turn text to speech completely off. Since I only get notifications on @mentions, I leave the message sounds checkbox checked. If I wanted notifications for everything, I might turn that off. It’s up to you of course. I find too many sounds and notifications distracting, but that’s just my preference.



Personally, again, I prefer the dark theme for discord, I think it’s more pleasing on the eyeball. Yes, singular. This agrees with me more in low light settings and again, just something I prefer but you might also want to see which one you like better. I don’t bother with the compact view as I like the style of the normal setting but it’s there if you want. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy the Oddysee discord community.

Be courteous to each other


This is the bottom line here in Oddysee. Be considerate to everyone else. We try to promote personal responsibility with all interactions, either in game or out of game. We have designed this structure so that everyone here can have a great time with their companions in the Oddysee community. If you need assistance of any kind, find an orange, red or purple name and let one of the community leaders know. We’re all here to have fun and to make Oddysee fun for everyone else. We are glad you are interested in Oddysee and we hope to see more of you in the future. Thank you!

-The Entire Oddysee Community.