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August 4, 2017
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Intel Report


Last time I checked there were 40 Galactic Guides already laid out for Star Citizen citing specific planets and the scientific facts that show the detail CIG has invested in the game. 3.0 is giving us the Stanton system, a system more civilized than most, and more populated, but

The last system they’ve talked about on Lorermakers Guide to the Galaxy was Garron. The amount of detail put into the various systems is amazing, and it’s still growing in size and scope.

Garron was initially a protected world, placed under the “Fair Chance Act”, a world with sentient life that had still not reached the tech level to make it to the stars, where contact was not permitted, like Star Trek’s Prime Directive.

With the worlds in game, and the resources each might bring, the exploration role will be multi faceted, not just a scout finding a path, but a military pathfinder or a commercial surveyor. The information we find will have a direct impact on the health of the org, and though many are loath to approach anything like theorycrafting because of its early development, I do have rebel as part of my name.

So the Commander in Chief receives a request for a specific resource, depending on what it is and the quantity needed, we will have the locating mapped and marked with initial scans. The scans will be constantly updated with either a flight path if it’s a moving anomaly, or with the dangers of Vanduul or Pirates clearly marked, and the remaining quantities of the resource.

Why would I go to all this trouble? Logistics is not my department, but the easier it is for the cargo guys to find, the easier it will be to keep the troops supplied. In the long run, it is about the troops and the welfare of Oddysee.

I do imagine that sometimes it may seem boring, flying around the systems, scanning, mapping, scanning, mapping, but Intel will need a constant flow of information if there is any planning to be done. Pathfinder itself will have multiple roles, as previously stated, but some of this information will be shared from other divisions.

Part of this information will be derelicts, perhaps ancient civilizations, and I am hoping we might actually come across another Garron system,  not just a wormhole but an undiscovered world.

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