In-House Projects

Our group has some seriously smart people, and they’ve worked on some seriously amazing things, check out some of the custom work our best and brightest have put fourth!


Developed by our resident website handler and developer Skoma, this tool was originally founded to assist us with managing our ever growing membership within Star Citizen.

It has ship tracking, ship sorting, registered members and all of that good stuff to ensure we are a highly oiled machine so that we can ensure you as the community have the best experience around.

Check it out here!


Developed by the guy who said he’ll never be in a community and like it, RavenLance created a discord bot just for us. Originally created so people could sign up for game roles within discord, it’s developed into something much greater, with the functionality to add and remove game rooms on the fly and so much more, it’s become a staple placeholder of the community, silly pics aside.

Check out the writeup here!