//Oddysee Community Managers Guide//


Current iteration: 1.0
First iteration written by Woodhaus

As per our open door policy, all members and person are privy to the inner workings of the organisation. As such the following documentation is meant to be provided as a resource for both community managers and members to see the operational guidelines the community managers follow.


Oddysee is an opened minded Organization that is built around its members that share a bond of video games. Our Org. should cater to its members needs by providing a safe and stress free environment in which our members can communicate and express themselves freely without fear of retaliation or harassment. This document will be an overview for Community Managers to maintain this environment and promote proper behavior.


//No Tolerance Subjects// – These subjects should be stopped immediately

To maintain a safe and secure communication environment we have to avoid hateful communications that relate to the following issues:


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any race or ethnicity are strictly prohibited.


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any gender or put a gender under scrutiny are strictly prohibited.

Sexual Orientation

Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any sexual orientation are strictly prohibited.


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any religion or beliefs are strictly prohibited.

Verbal Abuse

Any offensive language directed towards individuals or a group.

Sexual Acts

Any communication regarding sexual acts or gender specific body parts.

These should be taken as a harmful weather or not anyone present in the room (Text or Voice) takes offense from the comments. See below for details on how to handle situations involving racism.


Subjects to Avoid – These subjects should be guided away from

The below subjects should be avoided, because they often lead to negative interactions and often take away from the room’s (Text or Voice) atmosphere.

Politics – Evolution – News (Sensationalised) – Member disagreements

While our members can discuss these issues they should be discussed in private rooms and the provided discussion rooms. These topics often alienate members unaware of the topic at hand thus preventing them from contributing to the conversation leaving them silent. However our aim is not to stop free thinking and the evolution of ones points of views, as such we provide the proper rooms where these discussions are able to take place all members who wish to discuss these topics should be referred to these rooms.


//Handling the Situation//

In any infraction the Community Manager is to contact the poster/speaker who caused the infraction in a PRIVATE CHAT/VOICE ROOM. Do not contact the member in an open room!

Step #1: Contact the member privately

Contact the member through the use of a private chat/voice room. Allow no other members to enter the room including other Community Managers if were not present when the infraction occurred. More than one Community Manager can be in the room if the infraction occurred while multiple Managers were online and active in the conversation at the time. Simply contact the member through an instant message or move the member to the room.

Step #2: Explain the Situation and Offense

Some members may not be aware that they have committed any communication violations. Begin every private conversation by explaining the environment which Oddysee strives to achieve and then relate that to the member’s offensive comment. By explaining the environment that we want and then providing the member with why and how their comment infringes on that often leads to a member’s apology and acceptance of misconduct.

Step #3: Members Acceptance of Misconduct

A big part of creating and maintaining a great communication environment is to get members to accept their misconduct when it occurs. Get the member to accept where their error occurred and make sure that they understand their error. This may result in an argument with some members refusing to admit guilt. In these situations explain to them that while their communication may not offend them or anyone currently present in the room at the time; it’s still communication misconduct. If members are offended they may not express this and the violator will continue. By making the member omit and understand their error it will prevent further violations.

Step #4: Punishment (Time Sensitive*)

  • First offense: After the above steps have been performed give a stern warning that further communication will not be tolerated.
  • Second offense/refusal of guilt: If the member continues to violate our communication rules then the member will have their chat permissions revoked and must Private message a Community Manager for further use of services for a brief period of time. This will separate the member using inappropriate communications from the rest of the members so the acceptable communications can resume.
  • Third offense/unruly members: If a member continues to use volatile communications then the members rights to text and use voice communications will be revoked by the Community Manager. While the member may be able to be in a room with others they will no longer have the ability to communicate by any means. If this occurs then contact an Oddysee High Officer and report the grievances and situation. Rights may be given back once that member has been talked to by Oddysee High Officers and an acceptance of misconduct is given.
  • Fourth offense: If the member continues to be toxic to our environment and High Officers are aware of this persisting issue then a permaban from our community may be enforced. If a member or members continue to violate communications and no High Officers are present then kick the member from the community communication server and bring the infractions to the High Officers attention as soon as possible.


(Time Sensitive*) – This refers to how often these offenses occur. If a member causes an issue once a year then they should be warned (depending on severity of offense) rather than blocking their communicate privileges.

Step #5: Communicate Apology/Console Members

      This step may also be warranted as soon as the offending member has been removed from the room or after the issue is resolved. If the member who caused the misconduct wishes to apologize to the room then allow them to do so after all of the steps above have been taken. If the member has to be removed for a period of time express that Oddysee doesn’t approve of such communications and apologize for the misconduct.

An Example:

Here at Oddysee we strive to keep a safe and positive environment for our members and guests. Offensive communications recently infringed on this environment and we apologize for any offenses and want you to know that the situation in under control. If any other offensive behavior or communication has occurred please privately contact any of the Community Managers which are highlighted in Red and we will handle the situation accordingly.


//Using Common Practices//

Sometimes a member who may be a certain race or gender may refer to themselves or others as “word” they deem appropriate – this must be warned following the above steps. For instance if an African American calls others the “N” word then this should be viewed and handled as offensive. Just because they are African American this does not give them the right to use that language, because even though they may feel comfortable saying that it may make others uncomfortable and feel like special privileges are given to others based on race or gender.


//Roaming the Communication Rooms//

      Members may be in different communication rooms thus the Community managers will need to check in to ensure that proper topics and environments are maintained. Names for members in the chat should be limited by the following two rooms:

1. Your name shouldn’t be used in malice against a member.
2. NSFW names don’t belong in the general members list.