//Expectations of community managers//

//Our Philosophy//

First let’s understand that there is a lot of work, debate, and sometimes disagreement that happens behind the scenes to make sure the Oddysee discord runs smoothly.

While it may not seem like there’s much going on with us in the channels that the typical user sees, there’s generally conversations taking place daily amongst ourselves.

If you cannot handle criticism, this is not going to be the position for you. We don’t always agree on things and when we find ourselves in the minority, we accept the choice and move forward, even if we believe it’s the wrong choice at the time.

This policy has served the community well since its inception and will continue to do so well into the future.

Once you accept the position, if it was offered to you, you will be required to be more mindful of what you’re doing and how you come across to other members when you’re interacting with them.

While we don’t want to be too stuffy, we also can’t be emo edgy and trolling all the time either. The goal is to diffuse situations before they flame up into larger conflicts within the community, not create the fires we’re trying to put out.

We would like everyone to remember one thing. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. There’s a certain philosophy that we try to maintain.

If someone is dealing with a person, let them deal with them, don’t jump in the conversation unless asked. We don’t want the members and guests feeling ganged up on. Trying to break the ice with an ill placed comment may blow up in your face.

//Regular Duties//

What we do when we’re not playing games. We pretty much give each other a hard time (jokingly). When we’re not doing that, we’re doing these things:

  • Greeting new members who enter the server and getting them setup with the appropriate tags for their group.
  • Answering questions that new members or seasoned members may have about some practice, policy, or event.
  • Helping orchestrate events for the members, if they choose to run something that we can help promote. This will be done by posting it in the #announcement channel.This is for things that are outside of the norm of the usual raid night for a guild. i.e. Promoting a new game that many people are interested in.This also includes running BF3/BF1, Minecraft, Aardwolf, Ark Survivial of the Fittest, Division, Don’t Starve, Cards against Humanity, etc. type of get togethers that we just do for fun in games that are either free or that many people already own.
  • When a member or guest finds a free game on steam, gog, humble bundle, uplay, etc. We are to post it for them in the #announcement channels with the @gamedeals tag in the text somewhere.
  • Occasionally help clean up inactive guests and/or members who no longer participate in the discord server. Procedures and messages for how to handle this are provided by the CM’s when it’s time to perform those duties.

//No Tolerance Subjects// – These subjects should be stopped immediately

To maintain a safe and secure communication environment we have to avoid hateful communications that relate to the following issues:


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any race or ethnicity are strictly prohibited.


Any use of offensive words or actions that single out any religion or beliefs are strictly prohibited.

Verbal Abuse

Any offensive language directed towards individuals or a group.


//CM Interaction Guidelines//

  • The role of a community manager has been to ensure that member needs are being met while those members are in Discord.Issues members have related to their games, including but not limited to game policy and friction between members within the game are handled by officers.Friction between members in Discord outside the context of the game are handled by community managers.
  • Community managers and officers do not have jurisdiction over incidents in which they are one of the conflicting parties.If a community manager is personally disturbed, offended, or finds content inappropriate, it is to be brought to the attention to the other community managers in the community manager discord room.A different community manager must be the one to take action.Likewise, if a member has a problem with a junior community manager, they are to bring it to a senior community manager. That issue will then be discussed in the community manager discord.

    If a member has an issue with a senior community manager, it is to be brought to high command.

    If the member has an issue with a junior officer, it is to be brought to a senior officer, game master, or senior community manager.

    If a member has an issue with a senior officer, it is to be brought to a game master or senior community manager.

    If a member has an issue with a game master, it is to be brought to high command.

  • Community managers are mediators. It is our job to discuss issues amongst ourselves and come to a collective agreement.This issue does not have to be unanimous but it should have majority support. If the community managers are divided on the issue, the high command has the final verdict.
  • When confronting a member about an issue, it must be done through direct message. If the member attempts to argue with community manager in public discord channels, continue to redirect them to the direct messages.If they still try to talk about the issue in public chat, temporarily server mute the person.The community manager is to keep a log of everything that has happened and post it in the community manager discord, including the conversations in direct messages.Please refer to #2 as to when action should be taken.
  • A community manager is to request that the member removes objectionable content. If the member complies, this is not a strike. If the member refuses and argues, this is a strike. Please refer to #2 as to when action should be taken.
  • Oddysee reserves the right to remove community managers from their positions if they continuously show poor judgment in regards to the well-being of the community. Sometimes things just don’t work out and we want the best for both the individual and the larger community. A record will be kept of both members and CM’s to refer back to incidents, while we’re interested in helping each other grow, we don’t want to do that at the expense of Oddysee itself.

//Disciplinary Action//

This outlines our procedure for member infractions when they arise.

Our latest iteration of the rules protects both Oddysee and the discord users from prolonged harassment by giving everyone ample opportunity to adjust to the Oddysee standards. We enjoy having a good time but when that’s not possible for one reason or another, we created these measures to maximize member retention.

We have a point system in place that is essentially keeping track of infractions (minor offenses) and strikes (major offenses).

Infractions are situations that cause disharmony within the community, but might not be blatantly against the rules. Essentially if a member (or guest) finds inventive ways to troll the community negatively, said user will be called out on it and you will receive an infraction.

In any given 30 day span, 3 infractions will give the user a strike, which will result in a 30 day removal from the server.

Strikes are also available to be given for blatantly breaking the established rules and overtly causing harm within the community. A strike will result in a 30 day removal from the server.

After the time has elapsed, access to the server will be granted again. It’s a rolling point system, so over enough time, if there’s no issues, the points will drop off (30 days for infractions, 6 months for strikes).

If the user gains three strikes within a six month period, they will be banned.

If the user gains 24 minor infractions in a year, they will be banned.

If the user is determined to be using the rules simply as a guideline to harass the community, they will be banned.