Black Desert Online

Welcome Oddysians!


Welcome to the Black Desert Online branch! We here in Oddysee want only the best for our players, and believe it is a guild’s mission to help out its friends. We hope you stay with us for a while, and feel free to socialize!

Meet the Command

Guild Leader- Ymort/Morty

I am Ymort, often called Morty. I lead the Black Desert branch of Oddysee. My first and foremost goal is to ensure a nice and at best carefree environment for the members of this guild. I will never expect any of the members to provide more for to the guild than they want to. My knowledge and progression gained from playing this game since release, enables me to help with advice and assistance in all kind of situations. Living in Germany means I’m playing at slightly different times than our NA members, but I thankfully got reliable officers taking over during my off times. I’m happy to lead such a jolly bunch.

The Officers

Deputy – Callicoe the Catty

I’m Calicoe and I started playing BDO in January of 2017. I initially started out as a sorceress, but I found that I didn’t really care for the gameplay so now she’s my life-skiller. I rerolled to witch and named her Kalicoe. I’m enjoying the class so much more, because the gameplay is mostly ranged. My goal as an officer is to help our new players with all areas of the game, whether it be answering questions, grinding to get levels, or to come to their rescue when they are being picked on. I’m an animal lover in real life, but as you can see by my character name, cats are my thing. Meow Baby!

Sea Captain- DeathMonk

“I am a man of few words.”

The French Canadian – Shenryll

“I’m Shenryll – but most people call me Shen – and I main a Dark Knight. Even though BDO is a grinding game, that’s what I do the least. When I’m not running around for no particular reason, I’m either lifeskilling, questing or trying to get more knowledge. I also love to enhance; if you’re interested in joining me in this endless nightmare, I’ll happily help you out!”

Chief – Zainenn

“Zainenn Everrdy, originally a D&D WoodElf Ranger turned BDO Striker. I am here to help in any ways I can. I am a peacekeeper and friend, until you offend. Lets share some adventures.”