About The Orgtool


In the past, this gaming organization used to manage our resources for the game Star Citizen in multiple spreadsheets. We had lists for ships, units and member information. Bookkeeping those lists became difficult over time. To improve the maintenance effort, we designed and implemented the Orgtool as a web application.

The Orgtool is a tool for organising units and items in hierarchical tree structures. The main goal is to create a hub for gaming communities to manage their organisation hierarchy for different games. The generalised item system also allows easy game asset management.

The input of the community was creative, inspiring and shaped the future roadmap of this project. The plan is to extend the current scope by adding and combining a score recordkeeping and ‘Looking For Game’ system. Integration with the Discord communications platform is also in development.

Supported browsers are currently Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

The Frontend

The Frontend is writen in javascript using ember.js, bootstrap and d3.

The Backend

The Backend is writen in PHP as a wordpress plugin which serves an Json API.



Browser support

  • IE 11 and below
  • Mobile layout


  • [backend] permissions on type level
  • [frontend] modifying permissions

Looking For Game

  • [backend] add contracts and contract types
  • [frontend] create and assign to contracts


  • [backend] add score and score multiplier to rewards
  • [backend] add rewards with items as a contract result
  • [frontend] calculate member score by accumulate rewards


  • [backend] add log entries to database
    • member was assigned to unit
    • member was assigned to reward
    • member created contract
  • [frontend] logviewer


  • evaluate different programming languages and databases
  • implement stand alone server