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Welcome to Oddysee


The vision

Oddysee aims to have a diverse and inclusive community that has roots in several different multiplayer games of all genres, providing a lighthearted atmosphere to play games with whilst providing professional and friendly community management.


Origin Story

To understand how Oddysee started and ended up the way it has, the story precedes Oddysee by nearly over half a decade.
Oddysee was conceptualized and brought to life in the hopes of bringing back two of the founders previous successful communities, based in Call of Duty 4 and World of Warcraft.

Based upon the lessons learnt and the core values that were pivotal to the success of the previous communities the founder [Cykhat] drew upon them in the hopes of a rebirth of the success that the previous communities were and to provide a home for those who still continued to game on for the concept game Star Citizen. Due to the lack of content for Star Citizen and the large amount of momentum the community was beginning to attain in terms of a member base thanks to dedicated officers, the community was faced with an issue; maintaining member commitment.

With Star Citizen far off on the horizon and a large member base that originally started off as incredibly active and slowly losing interest, it became apparent that the community had to adapt and grow. This kickstarted the shift from an unstable single game organisation to a multi-game community, with officers and members actively participating and playing different games together it became the turning point towards what the community is now.



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Come hang with us

If you’re reading this and you’re not already in our discord, I’ve got one question for you; What are you doing?
Come join us in our daily shenanigans and play some games, talk some smack. It’ll be a good time. I promise *Shifty eyes*

If you’re new to discord click here to learn how to use it!

We also recommend checking this out, to you know make sure you always have the upper hands on admin.